Electroplating jig with plastisol coating (PVC Base)
Coating material: Schloetter plastisol
For electroplating process such as zinc, plastic chrome, tin silver, & etc
Products made based on customer and process requirement
Electroplating jig for semicond product
Coating material: Okuno PE powder
Similar application as above
Titanium Anodizing jig / Rack for Aluminium anodizing process
Photo shown is the adjustable multipurpose rack
Others fabrication works like SUS cabinet, trolley for clean room, tray for cleaning process & etc.
Titanium anode basket
Type : Standard round type
Suitable for smaller tank or expensive anode
Titanium anode basket
Type : Standard rectangular type with difference lenght of 24" ,30" and 36"
Titanium anode basket
Suitable for semicond process (reel to reel)
Titanium heating / chiling coil
For heating or cooling the chemical
Available in different diameter from Ø12mm, Ø25mm, Ø30mm & Ø50mm
Stainless steel heating / chilling coil
For heating or cooling the chemical
Titanium MMO Anode (Magneto)
To increase conductivity and high current density for electrolysis
Titanium raw material (off cut is available)
Plate, sheet, round bar, tube and fasteners
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